How To Survive A Day of Motherhood

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No one is ever really prepared for motherhood. I bet not even Laura Ingalls knew what was in store for her. She still had to ask Ma Ingalls for advice now and then, or just trust her instincts.


But then, was motherhood back then totally different than today’s? Is it really harder now than ever?  After all, we have so many more tools at our disposal to help get through the day. Also, we know more about the psychology of growing up, in all its stages, and how different styles of parenting affect kids. So…why is motherhood so hard?


No matter how much we think we know, we really don’t know very much because KIDS ARE UNPREDICTABLE.

We moms try our best to prevent bad things from happening and at the same time guide everything to a pleasant outcome. This task takes pretty much ALLtheTIME in our little world, doesn’t it?

But much as it may be a surprise, there are bursts of moments that can allow us to enjoy motherhood. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:
1. Coffee (or wine or tea) makes the day brighter – because mom’s awake.
drink-coffee2. Screaming kids can also mean they’re having lots of fun.
3. Chocolate breaks for everybody – including mom – always works.
4. Kids In Time Out = mom’s Me Time
5. Water and Cardboard Boxes are mom’s best friends!
6. Pasta and meatballs – kids will always eat them without whining.
7. Dancing in the living room guarantees that all the kids will take a nap afterwards!
8. Another cup of coffee doesn’t hurt.
9. If you bake it, they will calm down.
10. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram – bloggy friends are always there for support!

So motherhood may take a toll on us, but there are lots of ways we can stay positive. We just have to learn how to find them.

Do you have a suggestion on how to survive a day of motherhood? Please share your idea with us. We could always use a few more! ;)

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  1. Hugs and kisses heal any woe or wound.
    Dina Farmer recently posted…Self Portrait Jan 2014My Profile

  2. My mom always shakes her head when I say that motherhood is so hard. Either she doesn’t remember too well, or we are all doing something wrong. Because I don’t know how she can say it is not hard.
    but she worked – whereas I stay home, so I don’t know if that is the difference??
    I mean, she didn’t have to deal with my all day long. I have no break in the day when my kids were all home — and since you home school I gather you don’t get many either.
    but going to work — I wonder if my mom felt that was a break from motherhood?
    I know my hubby says it is. And he’s a cop….he deals with WORSE people than our kids. So him saying it’s a break??!! THAT is saying something.

    • I actually understand what you mean. I had the same issue with my mom too. But after a number of times of having the kids all to herself, she understood my position. LOL.

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