5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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Whether you’re a new or a veteran blogger, it’s a guarantee that you use a wordpress plugin or two.  But of all the Wordpress Plugins to choose from, I highly recommend these 5 plugins in order to keep your blog safe, user-friendly, protected, and SEO optimized.

*Note:  This post is not sponsored.  Always back up your blog before installing any plugin!  I will not be held accountable for conflicts or errors resulting in the installment of these plugins in your blog.  However, I currently use these plugins in this blog – they work for me and have had no problems at all!*


I’m sure have links all over the place.  Nothing is more frustrating to your readers than clicking on a link that goes nowhere (or *gasp* to a 404 error page!).  You’re sure to lose readers that way.  And since you’ve got no time to check every link you’ve dropped in your blog, this WordPress plugin will be your lifesaver.  Install this baby and it will crawl your site and alert you to any broken links.  In your Tools, the Broken Links will show how many it’s found.  All you gotta do is click and fix!

broken links plugin snapshot


Sure, you’ve got Akismet installed, but you’re still getting those annoying spam comments!  Am I right?  If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of blocking every single IP address and clearing your spam folder.  This spambot plugin will significantly reduce the spams that somehow get through Akismet.

growmap anti spambot plugin snapshot


It’s like Norton or McAfee, but for WordPress!  You write everything on your blog, almost everyday.  So many memories, photos, connections, and hard work are contained in it.  Why would you think twice about protecting it from viruses running a muck in the online world?

Wordfence Scan plugin snapshot


You’ve copyrighted every photo in your blog.  You’ve even posted a copyright disclaimer in your footer to prevent people from copying your published work.  And yet, you still feel like there ought to be something else to ensure you’re hard work and lawfully owned photos don’t get stolen…  This WordPress plugin will take care of that.  It will disable the right-click button to prevent others from saving your photos in their computers/devices.  It will also disallow highlighting of your content so people can’t copy and paste your written work.  *Note that when you are logged in to WordPress, these features are disabled for you.  It only works when a visitor is reading your blog.  So if you want to see it at work, you must log out of WordPress first.  Also, this will disable any PinIt or Hover-PinIt plugin on your images – but your Pinterest sharing button at the start or end of your post (like Shareaholic, for example) will still work.

wordpress data guard plugin snapshot

5.  “WORDPRESS SEO by Yoast”

Some people will argue there’s no need for SEO anymore.  But I say, why not?  It couldn’t hurt!  This WordPress plugin helps to make your post a little more search engine friendly.  That usually translates to more traffic.  Under the ADD NEW POST window, you can choose your Focus Keyword and see a Snippet Preview for search engines.  It will also do a Page Analysis for you.  SEO suggestions will be green if you’re using your keyword well, and yellow or red if you need to optimize/address it.  It’s really very easy!  Look at the example below, for this post (while I was writing the draft)…

Wordpress SEO plugin snapshot

So do something good for your blog – get the plugins.  These WordPress plugins require very little effort to use.  You will be both relieved and happy that you’ve taken 5 steps to a better blog this year.

Good luck, my friend, and happy blogging!

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  1. Blogger has nothing. At least that I am aware of. I back up my blog regularly, but there are hardly any plugins for Blogger. I always have to hack my code to get anything interesting.
    But I did the research about moving my blog to WordPress and … meh.
    I’d rather have my own domain one day I think.
    I should probably learn about that first :)
    Rorybore recently posted…No Faking Here: Get A Boost!My Profile

    • Hey, I saw your new blog design today. Nice and fresh and clean. Sophisticated looking. I like it! I read that you have some issues regarding the comment numbers not showing up on the home page…. I believe it’s because you have Intense Debate for your comment system. When I was in blogger, I had the same issue whenever I installed a third party template. So ask the theme designer about Intense Debate comment issues – or look in the intense debate support and forums. ;-)

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