10 Randomly Awesome Quotes from Pinterest

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I try to limit my time on Pinterest because everytime I open it up, a millennium goes by unnoticed, by me.  Not exactly when you have kids AND you’re supposed to be doing homeschool work.

But, when armed with a purpose, Pinterest can be a good place to be – without spending an eternity there.  Stasha has a free for all Listicles this week.  I don’t have a lot of time to blog.  So I plucked 10 Randomly Awesome Quotes that caught my eyes almost immediately.


1.  A successful woman…

Pinterest - A Successful Woman


2.  The First Step

 Pinterest - The First Step


3.  I Make Myself Rich

 Pinterest - I Make Myself Rich


4.  Have A Heart

Pinterest - Have A Heart


5.  I Love Three Things

Pinterest - I Love Three Things


6.  Be Strong

Pinterest - Be Strong

7.  Don’t Forget

Pinterest - Don't Forget


8.  I Love It When

Pinterest - I Love It When


9.  Someone’s Umbrella

Pinterest - Someone's Umbrella


10.  More Patience

Pinterest - More Patience


And that last one is my favorite.  Actually, I should probably make it my mantra. Ahem.

Oh and guess what?  I only spent about 15 minutes on Pinterest! Is that a world record?  Well, personal record at least.  ;-)


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  1. I need to make #10 my mantra too!
    Amanda recently posted…Funk BustersMy Profile

  2. I LOVE QUOTES! And Henry David Thoreau!!! Excellent list!

  3. Ha – I like the one about someone’s laugh being better than the joke. I think we all have one friend who can laugh like that. And you seek EVERY opportunity to make her laugh.
    Rorybore recently posted…Coffee Chat: ChangesMy Profile

    • Do you laugh like that? Someday I’ll hear you laugh in person. I have a loud laugh. My friends used to make me laugh a lot – especially on bus rides on the way to a volleyball game. Those were the days!

  4. I think the successful woman would be my first pick, but I absolutely LOVE the umbrella graphic! Great list. Time easily escapes me as well when I’m on Pinterest!
    Phoebe Wulliman Graber recently posted…The Tangibles I Carry: Monday ListiclesMy Profile

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