Through the Lens – Movement

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I didn’t have time to bust out my DSLR this past week.  So I dug in my photography archives and found two of my favorite shots that capture “MOVEMENT.”

These photos are circa 2009.  The first is my daughter throwing snowballs at her dad.  The second is my other daughter running towards me during a parade.  I love how you could see their happy moves in the photos.  Their smiles and the action I caught on camera are unforgettable to me.

There is a big difference in the ISO settings of the two – 100 vs 320, but they both captured movement without blurring.  I thought ISO was important for capturing action?  Why did they both work?  Can someone tell me a little something about it please?

through the lens movement

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  1. So cute! Love action shots and how their smiles are captured.

    With my new camera, I am reading up on shutter speed, aperture, and sensitivity — and I think all these are related to how much light comes into the camera. Which is what is expressed by the ISO number — I think. If I understand how it works – in order to capture action without blurring – the shutter speed has to be fast, and thus a higher ISO. Same thing if you don’t have a lot of light.
    Hopefully an expert will be along soon to tell me if I am understanding my hubby’s tutorial correctly. :)
    Rorybore recently posted…4 Fill In Fun: Date NightMy Profile

    • low light needs high ISO. and action also needs high ISO. I see. Thanks for the tip! I will have to play around with it some more. Good thing it’s digital and I can take as many trial pics as I need and then just delete them. I love technology!

  2. These look great, Janice!

    ISO is basically the amount of light that goes into the lens during the shot. It doesn’t affect the movement/ blurriness, just the brightness. But, if you bump up shutter speed, you need to increase the ISO so the picture isn’t too dark. Does that make sense?
    Alison recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #4: WhiteMy Profile

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