The Weekend Is For Relaxing

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The weekend is for relaxing…if you work all week and have no kids.  You could do things like unwind in your tub, go to a spa, shop both days, read to your heart’s content at a bookstore, or sleep for 48 hours.

But I have kids.  I suspect, dear reader, you have them too.  For us, the weekend isn’t for relaxing, per se.  It’s more like this…



So here are 10 suggestions for your next weekend’s family fun time:

  1. Go camping – inside your house.  Seriously, get the gear and set it up in the living room or kitchen.  No need to worry about the weather and wild animals.  It’s a great alternative in the wintertime!  Roast marshmallows on the stove and use flashlights to move about the house.  It’ll be more fun than you expect!
  2. Max out the library book limit.  Go to the library and each family member can borrow as many books as they can.  Here’s the catch – IT’S A RACE TO READ ALL THE BOOKS by Sunday!  Get ready for loads of quiet time! Whoohoo!read me
  3. Movie marathon – using movies in your own collection only.  Relive the memories.  Forget Netflix, Hulu, or RedBox.  Bust out your DVD collection and let the kids pick movies they want to see again.  The good part is that you’ve already seen them, so there’s no need to “pre-screen” for inappropriate content!
  4. Try a painting session.  Set up a canvas for each family member in circle.  Set up some colorful objects on a table, in the middle of the circle.  Now paint!  Remember to set a timer so you have to paint, let dry, paint some more, let dry…etc.  Try to make it so the project will last 2 days.
  5. Have a potluck.  If your kids are old enough, let everyone make one thing for lunch/dinner.  You should use Saturday to plan and get ingredients.  Sunday for the actual potluck.  Invite extended family if possible – like grandparents!
  6. Try a new sport.  Weather-permitting, you can try almost any sport nowadays.  There’s a place for everything.  And most places let you rent equipment – so you won’t regret buying those new tennis rackets if you decide you don’t like it after all.
  7. Say YES to kids day!  Do this one with caution! LOL.  It’s only for the most adventurous of us!
  8. Stargaze.  Who does this nowadays?  You do!  Let the kids stay up for once and see what the sky is like at night.  And not just through the car or bedroom window.  Step outside and let them ooh and aah at the moon and the
  9. Paint a wall.  Notice I didn’t say “room.”  Pick a small wall in the kids’ rooms for them to paint.  Just move the furniture on one side of the room, of course.  And let their imagination go!  Take a pic of the finished product – and maybe do a new one the next week!
  10. Start some donation boxes.  Clean out the closet – and the house – and give each kid a box for donating.  Let them decide what they want to give away.  After two days, close the boxes with tape and have them decorate it.  Then drive it to a local charity.  Don’t forget to take pictures!

Whew.  I’m kinda surprised I came up with all those!  I think I’m gonna try the “Max out the library book limit” this coming weekend.  I just know my girls (and my husband) would love that one!

Have you got any great weekend ideas to share too?

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  1. I make care packages with the little guy. He gets to put stuff in it for his Dad. I also let him run around the Air Museum he loves all the airplanes and sometimes we go to the heated pool and or the zoo. Got to let the toddler get rid of all that energy.
    Dina Farmer recently posted…Self Portrait Jan 2014My Profile

    • Yes, important to have an outlet for toddler energy. If only we can harvest it to use for our electronic devices…LOL. Does it sound too Matrix-like?
      But how sweet he makes the care packages for his dad. I ought to try something like this – except maybe for kids in hospitals or something.

  2. Oh, say yes to kids day. That sounds like an adventure! What’s the craziest thing that you’ve said yes to?

    • Ice cream when they want it! Not my husband’s fave, I can tell you. LOL. But I haven’t been brave enough to fully implement this one yet either. ;)

  3. I have kiddos but they are grown so weekends have become relaxing again! It does happen! :) Actually, when they start driving, all of a sudden, your schedule opens up because they run themselves everywhere!

    Love the painting session idea!!

    I am a stargazer! Both my kids are too because I would often get them up to watch for special ‘sky’ events like meteor showers, etc.
    Carrie recently posted…Workin’ For the WeekendMy Profile

    • Ah yes, when they are grown and can drive. I can dream about that! I might try the painting session if I can convince my husband to let us try it. And we just got a telescope for Christmas so I’m looking forward to using it! Great that you and your kids are stargazers!

  4. Some great ideas!
    Especially since I just bought all new bedding for our master bedroom — and now I need the walls painted! LOL
    My girls are big into making Forts. Big Time Forts. They get every blanket I own and drape it over All The Furniture. It’s crazy. but they will play “camping” or “hotel” for hours.
    Rorybore recently posted…WW: Play-Doh BrunchMy Profile

  5. Even if you don’t have kids, weekends are seldom relax-fests…My wife is sorta SAH, only working 15 hours a week. She spends her home time (which is the rest of my work/commute hours) figuring out what needs to get done in my two days of non-work. Example-last weekend watched the Australian Open finals, we washed the drapes, took apart the ceiling fan, and put it all back up, then went to our favorite department store (Costco) for lunch and shopping, spent the requisite $400 (bought a new Coolpix), came home, put it all away, and then I had to work, so we were watching TV while I worked. That was Saturday. Sunday, watched the Australian Open Men’s final, went to Mass, got invited to spend time with our friends, the choir, went home, cooked some lumpia to bring, fed the birds, watered the plants, then went to the home of our choir friends, then came home, washed cars, then I worked while she folded laundry, and watched the season finale of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

    Pretty relaxing, eh? (Actually, not bad!)

    This weekend, we’re driving to see the HGTV Dream Home in North Lake Tahoe. My anniversary gift to my wife. Sunday, we all know what Sunday is…

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