The Perfect Four Year Old

If there was a contest to see what a four year old is like, she would win.

cheeky, cute, curious, contradictory

funny, fun, forward, fashionable

loquacious, little, lively, lovely

naughty, nutty, noisy, nice

She is 4 years old, personified.

perfect four year old silly faces

picture perfect wednesday

About Janice

With my M.Ed. degree, I tackled the world of Elementary School as a Teacher and Vice Principal for 4 years. But the world of motherhood and homeschooling called me home. Now, I spend my post-grad know-how and coffee-fueled energy at home - teaching my 3 kids, obsessively cleaning, failing in the kitchen, and taking naps-for-survival-purposes.


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  1. Perfect words for awesome pictures of a little beauty!
    Claudia recently posted…Winter in NJ & AustraliaMy Profile

  2. that perfectly describes my 4 year old too. boy, I bet our two could get up to some serious, curious trouble!
    Rorybore recently posted…WW: Play-Doh BrunchMy Profile

  3. And all at the same time lol!
    Dina Farmer recently posted…3 Tips for Shooting in Full Sun.My Profile

  4. What a cutie!
    Kristi Bonney recently posted…Creative Vision and DirectionMy Profile

  5. Pretty kid!

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