Picture Perfect Wednesday: Backyard Fun

Southern California winters are not very cold.  The winter season only cools the air and makes for perfect outings during the day.  So I let the kids loose in the backyard today, before lunch, and with the sun still up.  Everywhere I looked…picture perfect opportunities…

picture perfect wednesday backyard fun

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Janice Trinh

Janice uses her graduate school degree to convince herself that she is well qualified to raise her 4 kids as a SAHM.At her bravest moments, she even homeschools!However, due to age and the restrictions that go along with it, she often relies on coffee and chocolate to fuel her every day.She also turns to social media for her socialization needs (because it's hard to leave the house when you've got littles all under the age of 10.)

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  1. Rorybore says:

    Ha! I think we have that same little wagon. my daughter used to sit in it and wait for someone to come pull her. Because we have a huge wagon with a canopy that we do use to take them around town on short trips. I think the poor thing is busted now from the last sit.
    looks like you have a budding gardener there!

  2. Janice says:

    That wagon is falling apart. You just can’t see all the tape I’ve used to keep the handle on! LOL
    And yes, the 4 year old loves to garden. If only I had a green thumb too…

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