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Surprise! Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity.

It’s not that I’m nesting or anything.  I just really got tired of having so much clutter everywhere. I understand the kids need toys for entertainment AND we are a family of readers…but… Do those toys and books have to take over every inch of space? Of course not.  After all…   PLUS, I noticed […]

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#TimeTravelTuesday: 3rd World Party

This was one of my birthdays. Inside the second room of the to room apartment we lived in. That’s my cousins and me crammed into the room. Yes, there were no sofas.  That was actually the bedroom. It’s about the size of an average American master bathroom. The living/dining room is just about the same […]

 Decluttered and Simplified. Day-66 of #100HappyDays #LessIsMore
 I was crazy busy tired yesterday and forgot to post. But this evening shot totally made me happy last night. I rarely get to be out late enough to see the evening #sky. Day-55 of #100HappyDays #latergram #nofilter #GalaxyS3
 "BOY: 1. the wildest of all animals 2. a noise with dirt on it 3. most precious to their mothers.". Happy 3rd Birthday to the coolest little dude ever! Day-54 of #100HappyDays
 Cutting ribbons into a cup. Working on his motor skills? Sounds about right. Day-53 of #100HappyDays
 This little guy gets more handsome by the day. I hope he doesn't break too many hearts someday. Day-52 of #100HappyDays

Nice To Meet You!

With my M.Ed. degree, I tackled the world of Elementary School as a Teacher and Vice Principal for 4 years. But the world of motherhood and homeschooling called me home. Now, I spend my post-grad know-how and coffee-fueled energy at home - teaching my 3 kids, obsessively cleaning, failing in the kitchen, and taking naps-for-survival-purposes. Get To Know Me More…Click The Image!

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Growing Pains

Some kids want to grow up.  Others don’t.  I think it depends on how old they are when you ask. For my 3 kids, well… they’ve got mixed answers. Clare: 9 1/2 years old I hate being the biggest and oldest!  I always have to do everything!  And no one ever listens to me!  I […]


#TimeTravelTuesday : 4 and 6

This is my brother and me. It was his 4th birthday.  I was 6 (and a half). I love how happy we both look here.  I think it was the balloons! Please join me in my new Time Travel Tuesday link-up! It’s sort of like throwback thursday or flashback friday, except it’s on Tuesdays and […]

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It Was Fun

I was looking forward to going to the park to watch the fireworks just like last year. However, as my husband promptly reminded me, I didn’t really like the parking situation, drunk/obnoxious people, hike back to the car, and long traffic lines after the show. So we decided to spend the day at my parents’ […]

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Homeschool Classroom Redo

For a long while, we’ve had our homeschool classroom in the formal dining room.  Our big dining table was able to accommodate all my teaching materials, both my daughters’ textbooks, and occasionally, a laptop. While it worked enough to get things done, there were a few problems to this set-up… It felt crowded.  Because the […]


This Homeschool Life

Unless you’ve been homeschooled, is a homeschooler, or have friends who homeschool, there’s just no way you can imagine what homeschooling looks like. Personally, I’m a product of the public school system – both in the Philippines and in America.  I loved every bit of time I was in it.  But if you were to […]

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California Missions Project Book (Plus Free Printables!)

My 4th grader is enrolled in Seton Home Study.  However, since they are an institution based in the East Coast AND they cater to all of the U.S., they don’t make state-specific textbooks.  I’m not too concerned since my goal is to raise knowledgeable and God-loving Catholic kids.  Seton’s books are definitely tailored towards Catholicity. […]

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#TimeTravelTuesday: Girl Scouts of the Philippines

I didn’t sell girl scout cookies. I didn’t learn survival skills or go camping. I didn’t do any sort of fundraising whatsoever. Our Girl Scouts were different.  We were in the city.  There’s no way our school will sponsor sending all of us to the province just to camp. There’s no such thing as girl […]


#TimeTravelTuesday : Big and Little Peas

This is my cousin and me.  Believe it or not, we’re both 6 years old here!  I’m actually older by just about a month.  And whenever we were together, we were inseparable. The funny thing about us – besides the height difference – was our voices.  While I was taller, my voice was really high […]

4th of july 2013

3 Years of Red, White, & Blue!

Mama Kat said, “Show us your red, white, and blue!” So I looked back through my folders and found these beauties. July 4th of 2011, I was pregnant with my 3rd.  We lived in a condo, so the community had a BBQ that day.  We decided to do the BBQ but skip the fireworks show […]

Yes, I’m A Geek

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5 Photography Apps for Android

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really liked these apps and wanted to share – oh and I’m linked up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!* If you’re like me, you take pictures everyday using your phone.  As much as I’d like to use my DSLR, it’s just not as accessible as my phone, […]

I Have Faith

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Vacation Bible School 2014

We enrolled the girls in Vacation Bible School again this year. The theme was: “God gave us the 10 Commandments so we can live a joyful and holy life!  Trust God and follow his L.A.W. (Love At Work)!!! After a whole week, both girls had the the commandments memorized.  They looked forward to each day of […]

daily lent activity for kids

Simple Daily Lent Activity For Kids – With FREE Printable!

Lent started 2 days ago, but I’m posting our Lenten activity today because I wanted to show you an example of a finished (and partly filled-in) product.  And as with all our Lent projects, we try not to spend much money making them. Also, like last year, I’m participating in the Keep Love in Lent […]


Day #14 CCD: The First Noel

The First Noel Then let us all with one accord Sing praises to our heavenly Lord That hath made Heaven and earth of naught And with his blood mankind has bought. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel! It is widely known that noël is the French word for Christmas, but do […]

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monthly calendar with categories checklist sample

Free 2014-2015 Monthly Blog Calendar With Categories Checklist

Sometimes, we all just need something really simple to organize our blogging thoughts.  That’s why I made this monthly blog calendar with a simple categories checklist. It’s widely known that a great blog must be focused on content.  The goal of this calendar is precisely that – to help make sure I have content in […]


Review and A #GIVEAWAY: Universal Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

I’m a busy mom of 3 (soon to be 4). As much as I wish I could spend more time sitting in front of the desktop, I can’t. This mom needs to move. But, wherever I am, I usually need access to the internet.  But the problem with my tablet is that when I have […]

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Birthday Giveaway – Over $300 in Prizes!

We’re joining Catholic Bloggers Network’s 2nd Birthday Celebration! And nothing’s better than a giveaway that includes money, books, and handmade gifts, right? Rafflecopter’s at the end of the post, BUT please do visit our awesome sponsors for the prizes! Thanks! Win one of 21 prizes! This FABULOUS AMAZON GIFT CARDS GIVEAWAY is sponsored by the […]