#TimeTravelTuesday : 4 and 6


This is my brother and me. It was his 4th birthday.  I was 6 (and a half). I love how happy we both look here.  I think it was the balloons! Please join me in my new Time Travel Tuesday link-up! It’s sort of like throwback thursday or flashback friday, except it’s on Tuesdays and […]

It Was Fun

4th of july food

I was looking forward to going to the park to watch the fireworks just like last year. However, as my husband promptly reminded me, I didn’t really like the parking situation, drunk/obnoxious people, hike back to the car, and long traffic lines after the show. So we decided to spend the day at my parents’ […]

3 Years of Red, White, & Blue!

4th of july 2013

Mama Kat said, “Show us your red, white, and blue!” So I looked back through my folders and found these beauties. July 4th of 2011, I was pregnant with my 3rd.  We lived in a condo, so the community had a BBQ that day.  We decided to do the BBQ but skip the fireworks show […]

#TimeTravelTuesday : Lovely


This is my mom.  Isn’t she lovely? I tried to think of different words to describe her in this picture, and I think lovely sums it up so well. Do I look like her?  I can only wish. And still, she continues to be lovely in my eyes. Please join me in my new Time […]

A Place of Comfort


I love nature.  Part of my childhood was spent in the Batangas province, in a mountain, with a forest for a backyard and acres of farmland in the other direction.  However, another part of my childhood was spent in the thriving, crowded, noisy, concrete jungle that was the city of Manila, Philippines. I can say […]

#TimeTravelTuesday : Excitement


One reason I love digital photography is that it’s very easy to look back through the years and see how much has changed… Or how much they haven’t. This photo of my son was taken last May 2012 – two months shy of his 1st birthday. All he could do was crawl, but that didn’t […]

Review and A #GIVEAWAY: Universal Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard


I’m a busy mom of 3 (soon to be 4). As much as I wish I could spend more time sitting in front of the desktop, I can’t. This mom needs to move. But, wherever I am, I usually need access to the internet.  But the problem with my tablet is that when I have […]

Birthday Week

sophie 5 filmstrip

Sophie turned  the big 5 last week.  And since we didn’t have a party for her, we pretty much did little celebrations here and there for a week.  She loved it. 1.  One year makes a big difference! 2.  Bead bracelet present = getting along with big sister! 3.  Bowling fun for the first time […]

A Boy and His Ride

CJ vroom

So which one do you think he likes best?