3 Years of Red, White, & Blue!

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Mama Kat said, “Show us your red, white, and blue!”

So I looked back through my folders and found these beauties.

July 4th of 2011, I was pregnant with my 3rd.  We lived in a condo, so the community had a BBQ that day.  We decided to do the BBQ but skip the fireworks show in the evening.  Kids must sleep and pregnant lady must rest.  Because wouldn’t you know it?…  Just 25 days later and CJ popped out! Haha!



July 4th of 2012, we were coming back from Las Vegas.  Clare used to be in ballet and she had a state competition there.  So while everyone was barbequing and waiting for the fireworks to start, we were on the open (desert) road headed home.  Needless to say, we were all too tired to stay up and watch any fireworks that night.


July 4th of 2013 was the first time we actually went to a city fireworks show.  It was crowded and there were abnoxious people whom I wanted to run up to and clothesline *accidentally* during the actual show.  But I restrained myself (and my husband) since the kids had their full attention up in the sky anyway.  After the show was the worst though.  We parked up the hill about a million blocks away – which we had to hike amidst a throng of pedestrians who could care less about the vehicles being driven by drivers who could care less about the pedestrians.  Fun, I tell ya.  I’m not sure if we’ll be doing that again this year, thank you very much!



But whatever we do for this year’s 4th, it’ll definitely be with Family, Food, and Fun!!!

What do you guys do for the 4th?

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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the city fireworks shows either. They’re too crowded and I always get distracted watching the people rather than the fireworks. Stopping by from mama Kat’s. You can find me at http://www.simplyhaleywebb.blogspot.com
    Haley Webb recently posted…Fourth of July wreathMy Profile

  2. I encourage you to rethink the clotheslining idea…it would provide great content for your blog and just think of the memorable scrapbook page you could create!
    Kat recently posted…Writer’s Workshop: Tossing EggsMy Profile

  3. Hope you had a great holiday!
    hilary recently posted…FOLLOW FRIDAY FOUR FILL IN FUN BLOG HOP – WEEK 170My Profile

  4. I like your scrapbook style pictures! It’s funny when I try to remember what we were doing on the 4th of July 3 years back, I can’t even remember! The crowds associated with fireworks are the worst. I remember when I was little we could hike up behind our house and watch the fireworks show down in the canyon. Way better! Hope you had a happy 4th of July full of family, food and fun!
    Allison recently posted…Our Love: Blooming for Ten YearsMy Profile

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